Intervention was assigned the difficult task of giving better definition to the Hall "Pirelli", through the restoration of the free spaces built, to create a system functionally complex and, at the same time, solutions for easy connection between the parties. The scheme ideogrammatico, at the base of the composition design, represents three axes in different planes that are grafted on a strongly curved system, ensuring that the two macros resulting areas, the distribution area and that convention, arising from the insertion of this ideogram on the space existing interpenetrate. The three skew axes represent the three paths that invite to the passage from the first system, the distribution, the second, represented by the congress. The three routes are designed by highly textural septa entering the room by breaking the continuity of the curved wall, opening the gates on the same input. The will that underlies everything, is to symbolize the important goal of ICE in opening gates in the world in favor of the Italian entrepreneurial sphere, so as to ensure the penetration and consolidation in the international markets. Dall 'ideogram of the entire project comes and obviously more complex articulation of space that remains true to the "signs" the original, much as it responds to the functional requirements and distribution expressed by the Contracting Authority.