Research is the act of starting each service performed; the care for the study and the realization of the detail distinguishes the final one. Designing is our job; we do it with passion and determination, always using experience at the service of our customers. Everything starts from needs and criticalities which, through an analysis process, will have to vary in potential. The knowledge of engineering combines the architectural idea, giving life to durable creations, recognizable for their harmonic shape and functionality in compliance with regulations and ease of maintenance.

The aim of the project is to mitigate and compensate the impacts deriving from it and, at the same time, to be noticed and admired. A fundamental knot is to solve the need, ensuring its quality, full and satisfying in the new image; the sign becomes architecture and requalifies or qualifies the fabric and, even a new infrastructure, becomes, thanks to the sign, an artifact of quality and value of the landscape. Conceptuality, these, known to the SAB Designers and in any case already traceable in distinct and valuable, as well as rare, contemporary examples of building; what further novelty therefore represents the work of SAB?

It is customary to think of the architectural quality of a work only if conceived by a virtuous architectural studio. Although skilled and experienced, after having conceived it, perhaps with the help of modern computer sharing tools, he makes it known to the engineering managers with whom he will certainly have also scheduled coordination meetings. Also managed by very modern and quite effective processes, the project, thus developed and made executive for the contract, will in any case highlight shortcomings and inconsistencies due to different languages ​​and above all lack of dialogue or comparisons, with consequent distortion of the design concept, as it is inevitable increase in costs. and failure to comply with the project deadlines.

SAB operates in a single location, with the help and fixed and constant presence of architects, structural engineers, plant engineers, computer engineers, security and construction site construction experts. The Project was born and developed daily, with a continuous interface, thus facilitated by immediate and decisive confrontation. The headquarters itself, extended on a single floor of over one thousand square meters, designed to meet the needs arising from use and equipped with the most modern technical and computer equipment, is also conceived as a container and exhibitor of works of art in constant updating and variation, with the ambition and the desire to offer, to guests and occasional visitors but also and above all to the professionals who work there daily, new cultural stimuli, improving their quality of life and, at the same time, inspiring them in the creativity and dynamism that our daily and tireless activity requires. The engineer does not feel called to solve only technical and regulatory issues but lives the process to the full, starting from the research and the initial concept, suggesting solutions, perhaps even typological and suitable construction sites; the architect, on the other hand, fully benefits, from the beginning, from the engineering skills offered, favoring and inspiring a unitary concept of the Project.

This is SAB's thought and work but often the Designer, alone, is not skillfully enough; behind every great project there is always an enlightened client. Only from their meeting and satisfaction can the process be considered adequate

Stefano Adriani - Founding Partner - Sole Director SAB - Esc Group