Taking into account the dimensional standards and service suggested by international organizations, it was estimated that the airport complex Lamezia requires adapting to the new requirements of functionality that, in anticipation of the traffic in the time horizon of the year 2015 will amount to 1,800 000 passengers a year, with 23 140 aircraft movements. The project proposal has taken the first steps by the view that there is a possible partial reuse as regards the various structures of the existing building, for which the necessary seismic retrofitting, be too expensive, and incompatible with the new requirements logistics and distribution. It was considered necessary to streamline the construction phase, through the use of homogeneous blocks can guarantee the unity of the whole and to form modular aggregation schemes and have thus hypothesized five new buildings. For the first is provided in front of the settlement the current, the other behind, autonomous from the functional point of view, but interconnected, by means of a new block in correspondence with the current one, to ensure the proper flow of passengers and airport operators; Two new buildings were placed at the ends, in order to accommodate the movement of passengers and baggage schengen, extra schengen and the necessary catering facilities.