The goal was to design a robust, able to offer a number of features not only useful for users and canons but to the community, in a stimulating sequence of solids and voids, of open and closed spaces, attended and lived even at extra-curricular to encourage initiatives, debates, conferences, exhibitions, small concerts. The geometries solar and signs of human history have been the guiding principle of the project, determining the new tracks and the new plant; the configuration of the pole is also influenced by the shape of the lot and the neighboring streets. There are no fences or other kind of demarcation; This is an open place where the community participates in the school and, conversely, the school infuses vitality about, character, this, emphasized by the ground motion is changed, tilts, falls, gets up, almost to accompany people to the entrance to kindergarten. The entrance to the inner square, originated from the depression of the soil, is set up as a covered gallery below the first level; from this space filter unravel the paths and enter the heart of the school campus, the court, a protected area, but not closed, need for dynamic requests to the complex. The second space takes on the characteristics of a real urban park where the playful recreation has the upper hand; the two blocks of the kindergarten, different height, are united by a structure that acts as an additional filter between the north and the large square courtyard. In it originates the ramp that allows easy access to the first level, and is placed a small space for theater.