The competition area, while presenting a fragmented urban fabric, is an impassable fence, cut from a ring road almost continuous and which falls within semi-urban area, which Pian di Massiano, which is increasingly losing its vocation naturalistic, driven pressures edificatoria induced by the implementation of Terminal Minimetṛ. In this sense, the project is based on three ideas. The first is to connect the slopes of Mount Morcino with artificial hill of Piazza Umbria Jazz through a park that roof, cutting the area from east to west, including nurseries, offices, car parks and central plant. The second is to connect the sports area of Pian di Massiano with the district via Cortonese by an axle equipped that, cutting the area in north-south direction, order management and commercial activities marginandole with two poles institutional, such as the Library Augusta and the Province of Perugia compared respectively with the character of the countryside and thinned with the intensive character of the city. The third idea is to focus part of the volumes in an office tower that solves the articulation thistle-decumanica between the park and the axis roof equipped with a landmark to confer a strong recognition to an urban component otherwise devoid of identity Figurative autonomous. Declining the three ideas, according to the multiple constraints occasional and combining them in a complex mix of functions, the project envisages a master plan in the form of a garden city, where the reasons of ecology agree with the reasons of anthropology, in the sign of environmental sustainability.