ECOTEC is a company that has developed and shared significant experience in the design and construction of fuel plants and "on the road" dining restaurants, thanks to a long-lasting collaboration with leading multinational companies in the sector; the Company also deals with research and development in the field of aeronautics, aerospace and energy, so to ensure the Group's participation into a processes of continuous product development, promoting an innovative approach to the management and promotion of the territory.

ESC Solution team includes designers with various professional profiles, software developers and skilled operators, able to realize complex projects of a technical nature with particular reference to the territory, to the infrastructure and to the real estate and industrial heritage. In this context ESC Solution develops Information Systems, Environmental Monitoring Systems (with instrument integration), Local Information systems (environmental, technological network, etc.), accessible through the latest data transmission methods.

D.B.CAD company is a leading IT company, specializing in creating customised software solutions for businesses; certified since 1998 as Autodesk official developer (ADN), it produces technologies for the design and the analysis of the territory, nationally widespread and distributed.